Planner Happy Hour: Planner Favorites, Vol 1

Hi All!! It’s been a hot minute, but I’m glad to be back and blogging! I hope you’ll enjoy this Planner Favorites post. I’ve really been enjoying the evolution of my planning style, and testing out all the products that go with that. Here are some recent faves.

See that Pineapple? #yasssssssgirl It holds so much liquor!

I’ve found some planner products recently that I’m in love with. Here’s a Planner Happy Hour Video to show you all the goodies!

Here are some links to some of my favorites listed in the video (NONE of these are affiliate links, because I’m just not that cool yet):

Pineapple Glasses from Bed, Bath & Beyond

Leuchtturm1917 Medium/A5 Dotted – I couldn’t find this again in the white, so I chose to link you to the pink. Because…reasons.

LittleBirdSinging on Etsy – Definitely go visit Rebecca’s shop. She’s a gem.

PUSHEEN!! Mermaid Style – Can you hear me squealing PUSHEEEEEEEN!?

Frikin’ Amazing Ballpoint Pens from kikki-k

Yoobi Backpack Pencil Case from Target – I can’t tell if this is the same pretty turquoise color as mine. Looks more blue blue here.

UniPropus Window Soft Highlighter from JetPens

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen in F (FINE)

Pilot Juice Pen in Pastel Pink – These are the ones with really pretty ink that write super scratchy. Ack.

Stalogy Translucent Sticky Notes – Grid – Holy Shit, there’s a whole website of these sticky notes.

A5 Fabric Fauxdori – Here’s just one of the listings available in an A5 size for custom order. You can order whatever fabric you like in an A5 size, from any of the custom listings in my shop.

How to choose? Get one of each. That’s what I do.

I really hope you enjoyed this little planner favorites video! Come back to the blog and the YouTube Channel often so you don’t miss any Planner Happy Hour episodes!!



About Me & KateBeeeDesigns on Etsy

Hi All! I’m so glad you stopped by! I’d love to share my new shop video with you. Etsy has begun a new feature where shop owners can post short videos about their shops.

Here’s mine:

I’m so excited about the shop and where it’s going. I have such a passion for organization from my own experience of buying a home and getting married. There have been so many changes in my life that required me to change how I do simple things like laundry and meal planning. It really ignited a need in me to reinforce my own personal organization. I started to identify some products, such as the fabric fauxdori (or traveler’s notebook) that helped me to get organized in my changing life. These things helped me to feel more calm and in control. They also helped me to be more efficient. That’s why I’m now offering these products to you!

There will be more videos and blog posts coming about how I use my fabric fauxdoris. The set up process can seem daunting, but it is actually very easy. I can’t wait to share!


Gorgeous fabric!

Gorgeous fabric!

These have been very popular in the shop! Flamingos are all the rage right now, and who can resist aqua and pink? These are currently sold out, but I’ve managed to get some more fabric so check back for the listing early next week!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Be sure to check back in during the coming weeks. I’ve got a new product line in the works, to help you get organized!


Carnival Breeze: May 2016 Eastern Caribbean Cruise

Sunday 5/22: We left the house about 8:00am to reach Galveston about 1:00pm. We had a 2:30pm boarding time, so we left with time enough to drop our luggage with the porter, park the car ($70!) and get the shuttle back to the cruise terminal. By the time we got back to the terminal, the line was unreal. I could feel my skin tightening up at the thought of waiting in that line. We walked down to the Starbucks but there was a big line there as well. We ended up at a seafood restaurant called Fisherman’s Wharf next to the terminal. He had an Shiner Bach, and I had a Ruby Red. This is a martini with grapefruit juice and simple syrup. It was so good, I had a second. Exactly what I needed to knock the edge off and prepare me for waiting in line. (If you can’t tell, I despise waiting. I have very little patience, so queuing up never goes well for me.) I had been dreading the boarding process because it was an absolute fiasco last time. It took three hours just to get on to the boat. So, this time, I waited until 2:30 before I even left the table to get in line. It could not have gone better. We were on the boat in about 20 minutes. The lines were long, but moved swiftly. Good job Carnival!

Monday 5/23: Sea Day

We had noticed an issue with the shower draining so we called the steward and said he’d send the plumber.
We went for our first onboard run Monday morning. The track on this ship is 7 laps to a mile, so a little larger than the last on the Carnival Freedom at 9 laps to a mile. Hubs came to run with me, and for whatever reason, if he sets off with me I speed up. It’s not something I do consciously, so I’m often not aware of it. On top of that, on one side of this tiny track the wind pushes you forward, but as soon as you finish the curve, the wind is in your face pushing you back. This happens 7 times each mile. I made less than 3 miles, and it was rough. But, it was a run, and that is always a good thing.
Later in the day, we were sitting in the room. I was on the edge of the bed watching tv, and hubs was considering a nap when we heard someone trying to get in the door. We figured it was the plumber, and maybe he was having a hard time getting in the door. We heard some more commotion and were looking at each other about to try to go to the door and figure out what was up. I could hear a woman’s voice and she was griping at someone about not opening the door. Just then, our door opened and in stumbled this random woman calling to someone named Anthony. Her head was tilted down as she was coming in so I could see she didn’t belong and had maybe a 2 second lead on her when she finally looked up. She looked at me, realized she was in the wrong room, and stumbled back out. Our room steward had let her in and he stood there and apologized. She didn’t say a word about being in the wrong room, so just turned around and headed back out. Everything in the rooms happens in close quarters, because the rooms are small, especially in the door way. It was funny at the time, maybe less so later. Surely, the steward would just let anyone in the room simply because they were trying to get in?

Tuesday 5/24: Key West, Fl

Pulling in to Key West

Pulling in to Key West

We adore Key West. On our last cruise, we liked it so well, we decided to just spend the whole week there. Unfortunately, we didn’t book early enough, so we just decided to cruise again.
We had breakfast and again did not rush to get off the boat. We let most of the folks clear out and got off about 11:00am. We walked to the CVS for water and goggles, then headed to Le Bistro for lunch. Their tag line is “Breakfast and Lunch in the Garden”. We had some sangria and rum punch while we waited. Delicious. He had a Croque Monsieur and I had a rather large cheeseburger. Food wasn’t bad, but we could have found better. The waiter was super nice.

Le Bistro in Key West, FL.

Le Bistro in Key West, FL.

Sangria and Rum Punch in Key West

Sangria and Rum Punch in Key West

We next went in search of the Seascape Inn to attempt to make reservations for next year. It’s a small bed and breakfast very close to Hemingway’s home. It’s got 6 private rooms, two with balconies. Bike rental out front on a pretty property. Unfortunately they would not allow us to make reservations as they had not set the prices yet. This seemed a little odd to me. We were instructed to email them with dates and they would contact us with pricing. If it was me, is have said “Yes ma’am” and taken a deposit. I will be emailing as soon as we get home. I expect it to be about $200 a night. If it’s much more than that however, we may elect to stay at the Westin. There’s a lovely pool in the courtyard that I neglected to take a picture of. Le Sigh.

The Westin in Key West as seen from our balcony

The Westin in Key West as seen from our balcony

Off we went to Hemingway’s house. I love this property. Admission is $13.00 per person.

Hemingway's House Key West , FL

Hemingway’s House Key West , FL

There are 53 cats on the property, all descendants of Hemingway’s original poly dactyl cat, Snow White. The cats are free to come and go as they please, and most stay. They’ve got plenty to eat, good medical care, and the yard is a positive cat haven. It’s full of plants large and small, plenty of shady spots to hunt from or sleep in. They are so used to people coming in and out, they won’t respond even if you make smooching noises. Ha!

Cat at Hemingway's House, Key West

Cat at Hemingway’s House, Key West

There is a little spot where you can get married on the property. If I had it to do again (and the funds of course) I would have gotten married here. No question. It is just lovely. We decided we’d come back in 50 years and get married again. We will see you there in 2065.

A little spot to get married at Hemingway's House, Key West

A little spot to get married at Hemingway’s House, Key West

Mirror at Hemingway's House, Key West, FL

Mirror at Hemingway’s House, Key West, FL

Here's a cat on the hunt. She's found something under this shed.

Here’s a cat on the hunt. She’s found something under this shed.

We walked around some more and found an ice cream parlor called Flamingo Crossing on Duval St. He elected to have his mint chocolate chip in a bowl to keep from getting sticky hands. (Hubs is a very neat person, spotlessly clean most of the time.) I threw caution to the wind and had a large waffle cone with several scoops of Cuban coffee flavor. I neglected to take a picture as it was hot out and time is of the essence when you are holding an ice cream cone in southern Florida. I endeavored to keep the ice cream under control, and at first things went well. Soon enough though, the dripping started. Napkins were everywhere and I made a mess of myself. It occurred to me that most of the things I set off to do in life happen this way. Under control at the start, a total mess in the middle, but absolutely worth it in the end. Go to this parlor and get the big messy cone. #yolo

We walked some more towards Mile 0, the southernmost tip of the U.S., but ended up turning around and heading back to the ship before we made it there.
We got back on board, took a nap, ate some dinner, then rented Deadpool from our room. I actually really enjoyed this movie. Can you tell that surprised me a little? It is both vulgar and violent, but it is also funny, even if the humor was more geared toward 13 year old sexually frustrated males at times. Ryan Reynolds was excellent, and you care for his character immediately, even if he is a dick. I recommend you watch it, if you aren’t easily offended and if your children are nowhere in sight. And I do mean nowhere near.

Wednesday 5/25: Freeport, Bahamas

Pulling in to Freeport. Lots of activity at this port.

Pulling in to Freeport. Lots of activity at this port.

4 mile run this morning. I set out for 3, but felt really good and just kept going. Hubs started after me so I had a good pace from the start. Really nice. I managed to get a small but painful blister the day before at Key West. I had worn Hubs’ socks and they slid down into my shoe and my shoe rubbed the back of my heel. Of course, I didn’t have band aids, and the ship shops aren’t open at 5:30am. So I improvised with a bit of tissue and a breathe right strip. Totally worked!

Blister Improvisation!

Blister Improvisation!

We had a good time in port. There really isn’t much near the port. We aren’t fans of paid excursions as it looks to the casual observer like another good way to spend some money in order to stand in more lines. We shopped around a bit at the shops but didn’t find anything interesting. We decided to stop in at Fat Tuesday to have a daiquiri. They just looked so good with the ice forming on the outside of the glasses in the heat. I had a strawberry and he had a piña colada. Let me just tell you, they were so good. They were $14.70 each after tax, and worth every penny. They obviously were full of liquor. I’m no light weight and by the time I got 2/3 of the way through mine I had a nice buzz. Hubs and I sat and talked for a solid hour over those drinks. This is what vacation is about as far as I’m concerned.

At Fat Tuesday having some delicious daiquiris.

At Fat Tuesday having some delicious daiquiris.

I absolutely recommend having a daiquiri at Fat Tuesday. However, I can’t recommend a second one, because I don’t want to be blamed for what happens next. Ha!

As we left to get back on the ship, there was a DJ playing line dances so I hopped in for the Cupid Shuffle. I have no photographic evidence as I was wearing the camera at the time. Fail. But lots of fun.

I wore a FitBit for the duration of the cruise. I think I ended up with about 22k steps for the day. That’s somewhere in the neighborhood of 11 miles. Sweet.

Thursday 5/26: Nassau, Bahamas
3 miles run this morning. Little tired from yesterday, but it was a nice run nonetheless.

This port is a little…aggravating. When you get off the ship, you enter an area where everyone and there Mama is hollering at you to take a taxi or a horse and buggy ride, or to see their shop. This activity is restricted to an area right inside the port, but you have to pass through there to get out and walk. You have to keep saying No No No No No to get out of there. Once you get out of there and start walking towards the beach for instance, people start asking you to come in their restaurants and still others harass your husband to buy cigars. We walked down to a stretch of beach first, and the water is gorgeous, however, there was a fair amount of trash on the beach itself.

We walked some more, then decided to hit up Señor Frog’s in the hopes of getting a good strong blender drink like Fat Tuesday.

Senor Frog, Nassau Bahamas

Senor Frog, Nassau Bahamas


We ordered two drinks. The bill was $37.00?!! It’s ok, we are on vacation. We sat to enjoy our drinks and there was no detectable liquor in either of them. Seriously dude?!? I just paid $18.50 a piece for strawberry mix and ice? I’ve learned my lesson. I absolutely do not recommend visiting them.

We tried to find a laundrette on the ship to do some laundry, but the one on our floor was broken, and we could not locate another on the next 2 floors. We decided to send it out before we left for port. It was $15 per bag, and we had a bag each. Neither of us has ever had our laundry done before. We were kind of excited to see what it would be like. They returned our clothes all neatly folded and clean. It was nice not to have to do laundry for once, but one of my shirts came back a significantly different color and smelled burnt. I’m not sure what happened there, but overall it was pretty cool.

Friday 5/27: Sea Day
3 mile run. Sea day brunch. We each had coffee…and an espresso.


Four boat drinks. One long nap.

This is a Miami Vice. I'd drink two, just to make sure you like them.

This is a Miami Vice. I’d drink two, just to make sure you like them.

Dinner. Asleep again.

Saturday 5/28: Sea Day
Last day on board. I have been writing this post for a couple of days here on the ship. I must say, I am ready to get home. I’m very grateful to have been able to take this trip, but I’m also ready to get off the boat. I’ve got some super exciting new products coming to the shop, and some new equipment being delivered and I’m anxious to get to work on that. I’ve got to place some orders for inventory and get a plan together for the launch of the new goodies. In other words, my To Do list is piling up, and I’m ready to dive in.

Sunday 5/29: Back in Galveston

Galveston from Lido Deck

Galveston from Lido Deck

Up at 3:30am. I am ready to go. This is the worst part of cruising as far as I’m concerned. We thought there would be about 3,000 passengers on the ship. Turns out, there were 4,500 and all those folks have to get off the boat through the same door, with their luggage. They call passengers to disembark a deck at the time. We were on the Lido deck which is deck 10. This puts you close to the food and the action, but apparently puts you at the back of the line to get off. You just have to find a spot and wait. By this point, you know how much I love waiting. They started letting folks off about 7:45, and finally called for our deck about 9:15. You have to line up to get off the ship, then head in to customs. Customs was actually pretty quick this time. The line for shuttles to the parking log was longer. We finally made it to the car about 10:15 to depart Galveston.

A note on Food: There is a lot of food on cruise ships.

Buffet Plate from Lido Marketplace on Deck 10

Buffet Plate from Lido Marketplace on Deck 10

You can get pizza and frozen yogurt 24 hours a day, and there are three buffets a day, on top of burgers, tacos and burritos. Not to mention whatever else you can find in port. There is also liquor all over the place. This is all great, unless you are a person that struggles with food like I do. If you are trying to clean up your eating, get off sugar, control your portions, or eat whole, this is not the vacation I’d take. It is going to be some work to return to “normal” after this trip. I follow SwimBikeFuel if you are interested. It’s a program geared towards runners and triathletes. My husband by the way, has the metabolism of a young child. He will not have gained an ounce over the course of this trip. I’ve likely gained 5 pounds. :/ I may have to do another round of Whole30 to get things back on track. My skin and gastrointestinal system are rebelling at the rough treatment as it has been quite a while since I’ve eaten this way for more than a day.

Overall, I’m super grateful to have been able to take this trip. Hubs and I had a good time. We can’t wait to spend a week in Key West next year. We’ve made a tentative plan to attempt to go to every ice cream parlor on the island by bike. Hubs isn’t sure it’s possible. We will give it a good go anyway and I’ll try to talk him into a big drippy cone.

Have you ever cruised? Been to Key West or the Bahamas? How was it? Are you planning a new adventure now?

For the Love of a Good Run – The Beginning

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going to start adding some run content to the blog. Here’s how running started for me. It was a bumpy road, but totally worth it in the end.

It’s hard to know where to start. I wanted to be a runner for years before I actually became one. The first time I tried I was living in southern Louisiana, very near the swamp. It’s hot and humid and there are animals everywhere. I started trying to run with some terrible shoes and a $15 Timex watch. I’d leave the house at 5:30am. It was dark and hot and I was trying to run too fast, too far. It was torture. I couldn’t breathe and when I could I’d be smelling the rotting remains of dead possums and armadillos that had met their fate a few days before and had fallen to decay on my route. One morning, I opened my door at 5:30am to find an absolutely huge banana spider had built it’s web at face height across my front door. I slammed the door on him and it was quite some time before I tried to run again.

banana spider

I moved to the Lafayette, La area a few years later and began “running” with a dear friend. We’d run for a minute, then walk for a minute. I was still wearing terrible shoes and that Timex watch. But the run/walk was much more manageable. I started to run short distances, maybe two miles at a time. This worked for a while. However, I had some knee problems. I finally went to a real running store and got fitted for a proper pair of running shoes. This was tremendously helpful, but I still couldn’t shake that runner’s knee.

I went to a doctor and he approved of my Mizuno running shoes, but ultimately told me not to run. He had been a runner. He injured his back and had to give up running. He sent me to physical therapy to strengthen my hips and the musculature around my knee. It was moderately successful, but it still hurt to run. I let that doctor’s advice get to me. I stopped running.

I moved to southern Arkansas. I was out walking one day because I had learned by this point in my journey, I need to move my body to feel well. So, there I was, walking, and so bored I was miserable. In the middle of my walk it struck me that I could run. So I did. That day, I ran 35 minutes straight without having run for months. I was overjoyed. Until that point, I hadn’t known that I could run that far. I hadn’t known my body was capable of it. It was.

I moved again, this time to north Louisiana. I was living in a little trailer park and I wanted to lose some weight. I decided to try to run 5 days a week and see what would happen. What happened is, I fell in love with running and it has been an absolutely integral part of my life since that point.

Since that time, I have run 6 or 7 half marathons, (turns out distance running is my jam) one super sprint distance triathlon, several sprint distances, and one 70.3. My plans this year include my first marathon, and in 2017 with any luck, my first ultra distance trail run.

The point of this post is to share my running story, in the hopes that it inspires someone, anyone, to get out there and try it. It’s not going to be pretty, and there could be wildlife involved, but it might just be the best decision you ever make for yourself, your health, your family, your sanity. It certainly was for me.

Have you ever tried to run before? Are you a runner now? Would you like to try but aren’t sure? Comment below and let me know your story!


Hi All! If you’ve seen my site before you will notice some (hopefully positive) changes taking place. I’m in the middle of re-branding, so a whole new look is coming to the blog, the Facebook page, and my Etsy shop. I’m super excited to get started so I hope you’ll stick with me while I give this whole thing a face lift.

Some of my posting will change too, as I’ve added some run content here to the blog. My whole goal here is to share, and by sharing, inspire you to try something new or different, whether that’s running for the first time, or making a Tilda doll for the first time. I want you to see what I’m doing, and know that you can do your own thing too, even if you think now that it’s not possible or that you can’t.


Love this image from!

I hope you’ll come along with me! I’d love to hear what you are doing right now. What goals are you reaching for? What do you want to try?

Wherever My #plannerobsession Takes Me.

Hi All! I thought I’d do a quick update on what’s happening at and share some of the projects on my craft table and some updates on products coming to the shop. I recently bought this gaw-jus yellow personal size Kikki k.


Does it not match perfectly with my BeeeDori?!? It was love at first site. I’ve got a really pretty large Ice Blue Perforated Kikki k, but the love didn’t really start until this small yellow arrived. I am totally obsessed with it. In fact, I love it soooo much, I’ve been making it some jewelry.


I’ve also been experimenting with the silhouette to make it some dividers. This process almost made me lose my religion. I broke one blade on the silhouette, and nearly mangled a second. I love my Cameo, but it can take your day from good to bad really quickly. This set is listed in the shop here. I’ve got one other personal sized divider set I’ll list next week, but I won’t be making these for sale anymore unless the paper is exceptionally gorgeous, given the wear and tear on my machine. I couldn’t resist making a couple of sets from this unbelievable Simple Stories I Am collection. I don’t know why I waited so long to pick this up. It is absolutely lovely.


If you’ve seen my YouTube channel you know I’m in love with french macarons. I’ve been making resin ones for quite some time, like these:


I’ve got some to match the yellow, and the Ice Blue as well. I love them! I don’t know why, but it makes me happy to look at them! So naturally, I was piddling around on YouTube and found some awesome videos on needle felting and thought…..hmmmm. So, I’m going to try my hand at making some needle felted planner accessories. Here’s my first attempt at a wool macaron and another little mystery project on the left:


There will definitely be more felting in my future. I can’t wait to make some different kinds of planner charms with the felt. It comes in some lovely colors. It’s also a very soothing activity and not expensive to get started. I got my felting mat, the needles, and some wool at Michael’s. Of course, I used my coupon and saved about $10.00. You have to be really careful, as the needles are incredibly sharp, but it makes a very nice soothing sound. It has a similar affect on me as knitting. It’s a slow process, but you can see the progress happening. It helps me to slow down because you just cannot rush the process. I’ve also got some fiber reactive dyes ordered and am looking forward to dying some of my own roving so I can get the colors of wool that I’m after. I’ll do a post on that process as well because hand dying is a lot of fun!

I’m also on my first design team this month, and I couldn’t be more excited. My GDT package should arrive today, so be sure to check out my channel for a video on the crafty goodness. I’m also hoping to upload a more in depth setup and use video of this yellow beauty to share what’s working for me. It’s so pretty on the inside! It’s also turning out to be so useful too, so I’m excited to share that as well.

I’d love it if you’d tell me in the comments what you’ve been up to. What’s your latest obsession?

Thanks so much for stopping by!



For the Love of a Good Planner


If you keep up with this blog and my YouTube channel you know I’ve dipped my toes in the planner world. Or I thought I was dipping my toes. I’ve felt the need to get organized lately given the changes in my life. So, I bought an Erin Condren Life Planner and the rest is history. I am in love with it, and with the planner world. I talk about my disorganization and my problems with my Heidi Swapp planner in this video. I also talk a little more about why I’m disorganized.

My planner finally arrived and I was so excited, I filmed an unboxing video. It comes in such a pretty box, and it’s wrapped so beautifully, it really is fun to open! (I’ve also started stepping up my game in terms of videos. I’ve got this music thing down now! Lol)

Because I’m a papercrafter, and because I had purchased the Simple Stories Pumpkin Spice collection, I had to do my October monthly layout using that paper. It’s so cute! I’m not usually a “Fall” person. I don’t normally go gaga over fall and Christmas collections, but this year, maybe since I’ve gotten married, I’m feeling a little more sentimental about the fall. Here’s a process video of how that October decorating was done. I added a Snap page insert and put a little Project Life into my planner as well. Using the Erin Condren clips I was able to add the page, and the pictures and PL cards can be changed out with the seasons! Love it! It makes the planner so much more personal.

While I love my ECLP, I chose to purchase the horizontal planner. I have been struggling with it a bit. This week though, I have finally landed on a system that works for me. It’s all about the strategic placement of washi and stickers. I’m using a 4 column set up in this video, and am able to track meal planning/appointments in one column, household To Dos in the next, journaling and general “This happened today” entries, and finally I track/plan all my social media interaction and Etsy business in the last column. I think it is totally going to work!

And of course, because I love my planner soooo much, I’ve been making it some little accessories. I love macarons. So, of course, I made some little planner charms. I am in love!


Of course I’ve listed some for sale in my Etsy shop because I want to share them! They are sooooo cute!

Here’s a link to one of the listings! Planner Charm Listing

What planner are you using? What’s working for you! What’s not working? I’d love to see some pictures!

Thanks for stopping by!


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6 Tips for Finding Your Mojo


Lost your inspiration? Here’s how I got mine back.

Over Labor Day weekend, my Mojo got up and left. I was working with the exceptionally lovely Graphic 45 Mon Amour collection and then suddenly, I didn’t know what to do next. I got up and left my craft table. For the first time in months, I left the table without knowing when I would return, or what I would do when I got back. I started to get nervous. What if I never had another good idea? When would my Mojo come back? Would it come back? What if I never felt that spark of inspiration again? Mojo, inspiration, the Muse, whatever you call it, mine was gone!

1.Here’s the first step I took to get my mojo back: I told myself to relax. My first reaction to any problem is to panic. Call it nature, call it nurture, either way, I panic. But, the older I get, the better I get at catching and addressing it. I immediately started telling myself to calm down and address it like I would any other issue. Rather than ask myself if my Mojo would come back, I told myself it would and moved on.

Action Item: Interrupt any negative thoughts you may be having about losing your Mojo. Tell yourself your Mojo will return over and over if you need to.


2. Getting Outside: Movement for me has always proven to clear my head and help me make a plan for moving forward. I’m a runner, and running rarely fails to calm me and help me think.

Action Item: Get outside and move. Go for a walk. Take the Hubs and the kids. Or don’t. Listen to some music. Or don’t. Invite your best friend. Or don’t. Just step out the door and breathe.


3. My Mojo is my friend: How do you visualize your Mojo? Is your Mojo part of you? If you think of your Mojo as a part of your self, then all the pressure is on you to “get inspired”. This way of thinking wasn’t working for me. I decided to look at my Mojo as I would a dear friend who visits sometimes. I even talked to my mojo. Something along the lines of ” Dear Mojo, I sure do miss you. I would love it if you would come visit. You are most welcome here.” Is it corny? Totally. Did it help me take the pressure of myself? Totally. If you are feeling pressured and stressed, does that help you to be creative? Perhaps for some it does, but not for me.

Action Item: Experiment with Mojo as a friend. Write your Mojo a little note and keep it somewhere visible to you. Have a look at it once a day, and move on.

4. Addressing my stressers. While I was gearing up for panic, I began to think about my life and the changes in it. I got married in March. I’m trying to adjust to living with a man for the first time and I sometimes find it difficult. My household routines for cleaning, organizing, laundry, paying bills, and keeping the checkbook weren’t working anymore. All of that left me feeling scattered and out of control. No wonder my Mojo got up and left.All the household things I mentioned above were weighing on me. I knew they were, but I wasn’t making the connection at first. I decided that while I had a little break from the craft table, I would use that time to address those issues. For instance, some weekends I was spending so much time at the craft table, I wouldn’t fold a put away some of my clothes. Then I’d have to spend most of the week living out of the laundry basket. That bothers me, so I addressed it. We aren’t talking earth shaking changes here, just little things that can help clear your mind.

Action Item: Identify and address a small thing that isn’t working for you. Email inbox too full? Clean that sucker out. Purse busting at the seams? That sounds like a reason to get yourself a new bag. (Any excuse right?)

5. Cleaning my space: By the time my Mojo got up and left, my craft room was a hot mess. Seriously. You can watch the real craft room tour here. All that clutter was getting to me. I couldn’t always locate the things I needed, and what I could locate, I had to dig for. Not good, dude. So, Hubs and I went to Home Depot and bought a few of those wire shelves that you can use to customize your closet. We installed those in the craft room and all that junk that was in the closet before was much more organized. I also took some time to clean off and re-organize some of the shelves in my book cases. Again, it was no earth shaking thing, and it took the better part of one Saturday to get done. The craft room is not done, there’s plenty of customization and new storage needed, but it made a big dent in the mess, and a big dent in my anxiety.

Action Item: Identify and address one small organizational problem in your craft space. Washi tape out of control? Fabric a mess? Paper laying all over the place? Pick one thing, and get after it.

421afa097b4f63aace9d220b27ca6301Here’s a great blog post on washi tape organization that I’m going to try myself! Kelly Morrison’s Post

6. Going back to an old friend:  If you are crafty, and you probably are if you landed on this blog, chances are you have more than one crafty hobby. I certainly do. I’ve been mainly papercrafting for some time now, and lately I’ve been more about making mini albums and junk journals. By the time I got through step 5, I was feeling a little more friendly about my craft table, if not totally ready to return. Rather than go back to the G45 collection I had been working on, I put that all away and pulled out my texture paste. I hadn’t played with my mixed media goodies in a while and there’s something artsy about spreading gesso all over something, distressing your paper, and doing some collage. I knew going in that this wasn’t something I would sell, or likely even show anyone, so there was no pressure on me to “get inspired”. I just played. I had forgotten how much I like texture paste and stencils.

Action Item:  Try out a crafty hobby you haven’t done in a while. Like to knit? Paint? Cast resin? Get after it.


After working my way through all of these steps, my Mojo came back. I’ve been rocking and rolling in the old craft room, and I’m super excited about some new projects. I’d love to hear about a time when you lost your Mojo. How’d you get it back? Did any of these things help you? Let me know in the comments!






Organize Me: My Planner Problem

Hi All! In light of all the changes in my life over the last six months, it’s time to make some changes to how I organize things. I’ll be starting with a new Erin Condren Life Planner that I’m super excited about. I’ve got a Heidi Swapp Memory Planner that’s totally not working for me. It had problems from day one, but I kept “using” it even though it made me feel less organized. (There’s a lesson in that!)

If you are thinking about ordering a Life Planner, consider using my link:

You’ll get $10 off your first purchase, and I’ll get $10 off as well.

My question for you is what’s not working for you? What have you been doing that’s not helping you, not inspiring you, or just plain doesn’t work?

Thanks for stopping by!


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Giveaway Update and Lapbook 2 – 2 Ways

Hi All! I’m excited to share an update for the giveaway currently running on my YouTube channel: Kate Beee. I’ve made it even simpler to get your entry. All you have to do is subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment on the video. If you send another subscriber my way, you get a second entry when they subscribe and leave a comment. I’ll leave a link to the updated video a little farther down in the post.

Lapbook 2 – Tim Holtz WallFlower Paper Collection – I followed Kathy Orta King’s tutorial on this one, keeping all her measurements. The design is incredible and creates a wonderful keepsake. I started making these books because a really nice client contacted me on etsy at KateBeeeDesigns to make her one. I love custom orders. I had never seen this project before, so it was a real treat to get to make one.

FullSizeRender (13)

This big gorgeous book is wrapped in patterned paper and features a Velcro closure to allow for expansion as you add your photos and memories.

FullSizeRender (14)

It is full of handmade policy envelopes and file folders.

FullSizeRender (15)

On the inside of each front cover there is a pocket assembly with 4 more spots for tags and pictures. The coordinating vellum really adds richness and depth to the project.

FullSizeRender (19)

There are numerous other types of pockets inside, including handmade file folders in a couple of different configurations.

FullSizeRender (17)

Here is a different type of file folder assembly on the left with slip pockets and tuck spots. On the right is another 4 pocket stack, this time with different colors of card stock to add to the visual interest of the piece. The book is stuffed with tags, found relatives, photo mats and tuck spots.

Lapbook 2 – “Mini Version”

FullSizeRender (2)

For this book, I altered the measurements and inserts quite a bit from the original tutorial. I wanted to create a book with a smaller footprint, but just as much room for photos and memories.

FullSizeRender (1)

FullSizeRender (12)

The closure is genuine leather, with two buckles and some charms. I love the grungy look it gives to the book. The closure is adjustable so it can grow as you add photos and memorabilia.

FullSizeRender (3)

I again changed the dimensions of the handmade envelopes and changed the orientation of some of them as well, to add more visual texture. All of the envelopes are functional, and can hold tons of goodies.

FullSizeRender (11)

As with the last book, there are numerous flaps, pockets, envelopes and file folders, all handmade.

FullSizeRender (10)

There are envelopes both large and small in this book. These tiny coin envelopes are perfect for a receipt or a small note.

FullSizeRender (9)


The photo mats also serve as tuck spots, so you can add a picture to the top, and slide a goodie behind it. I love the Tim Holtz ephemora. It add so much character to the book.

FullSizeRender (8)

There are lots of unexpected places to tuck a photo or journaling card.

FullSizeRender (4)

On the left is a file folder assembly that opens up to reveal slip pockets, more photo mats, vellum and ephemera. On the right is a 3 pocket assembly with a decorative brad for a touch of sparkle.

FullSizeRender (6)

Here’s another assembly opened up into this gorgeous spread.

FullSizeRender (5)

Is it just me, or is this paper just perfect for this book?

FullSizeRender (7)

Finally, here’s the middle back of the book, with yet more pockets and file folders and envelopes. It’s incredible what all this book will hold, and how interactive it is.

This type of book is difficult to capture in still images, so here’s a video that shows much greater detail.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I hope you like the books! I’ve listed both on my etsy shop.

My etsy shop: KateBeeeDesigns